Akron Massotherapy
About the Therapist

Nikki L. Domers LMT

Stark State College with a Major in Massage Therapy and minor in Psychology

I work on many different clients on a daily basis. I am grateful that I am able to customize each session to tailor to my clients needs. I have been an active Massage Therapist for 5 years now. I'm most familiar with clients who have injuries, chronic neck/shoulder issues, migraines and/or headaches, low back problems, runners and all that comes with the territory, and pregnancy.

I love being able to help people. When someone walks in and explains to me they have been in pain for a month, I can gladly look at them and say "I think I can help you." With my job, I am able to establish a great long lasting relationship with my clients and I can see them through their injury etc, and continue to treat them after. The best part of my job is a client thanking me because I've helped them get back to a normal state of healthy in their life.

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